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There are several different ways that one can alter a bra.[1]

Knowledge as to how-to alter a bra for better fit is a skill that can come in useful if bra selections are limited for any reason, or if a bra simply doesn't fit anymore. There are band tightening and underwire modification tutorials available online.[2]

Alter band sizeEdit

Shorten bandEdit

Occasionally, a bra's cup may fit the correct breast volume, but the band is too loose. For such a purpose, there are a few possible routes to follow which all affect overall fit in different ways.

  • Manually shorten the band:
  • Restrict the stretch from the elastic.[6]
  • Tighten the band with elastic.[7]
  • Use a Rixie Clip.[8]

Lengthen bandEdit

Sometimes, a bra's cup volume may be perfect, but the band is too tight. Increasing band size is simple.

Alter cup shapeEdit

Sometimes, a cup may fit the breast in an uncomfortable or unflattering way. There are several ways to fix this.

Alter goreEdit

Alter shoulder strapsEdit

The shoulder straps of a bra may require adjustment, due to discomfort, poor fit, or any number of reasons.

Alter underwireEdit

Underwires can often become painful or prove problematic. However, with a little ingenuity, these issues may be fixed.

  • Fix underwire that pokes the sternum.[30]
  • Fix underwire that pokes the armpit.[31]
  • Fix uncomfortably straight underwire.[32]
  • Cut and tip too-long underwires.[33]

Other alterationsEdit

See alsoEdit


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