Longline bra

A long-line bra may offer more support.[1]

Longline bra back

Long-line bras typically have an extended number of hooks.[2]

A long-line bra, or longline, is a bra style where the band is vertically elongated, covering a larger area of the torso. This style can offer more back support and give a smoother look under clothing.

D+ longline brasEdit

Bronte Longline — 30-38; B-G
Daydreamer Longline — 28-38; C-G
Deco Strapless Longline — 28-38; B-GG
Flourish Longline — 28-38; C-G
Hopscotch Longline — 28-38; C-G
Danielle Bralette — 30-40; D-G

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