A woman models a Panache three-quarter-cup bra.[1]

A three-quarter-cup bra is a bra that offers less coverage than a full-cup bra, which covers the entire breast, but more than a demi-cup bra, which covers half of the breast. What differentiates a three-quarter-cup bra and a plunge bra is the height of the center gore, which is significantly higher. The majority of large cup bras by made by British bra manufacturers are three-quarter-cups.

The bras are usually 3-part, or occasionally 4-part, cups with a "side-pull", which is strap placement that is closer to the arms than to the neck. However, one can also find padded three-quarter-cup bras.

Manufacturers and productsEdit


In an A-cut three-quarter-cup bra, the straps attach to the upper half of the cup.

Cleo Bandless — 34-48; C-GG
Ariza — 30-38; D-K
Tango II — 28-44; D-K


In an four-part three-quarter-cup bra, the cups are made of four sections of fabric, as opposed to three, which is more typical.



In an H-cut three-quarter-cup bra, the straps attach to the bottom of the cup.

All non-padded styles
Curvy Kate
All non-padded styles
All non-padded styles

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  1. Panache Lingerie: "Ariza Balconnet Bra"

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